Sprat Group
002 Locus 007 Pink Black Stripe 001 Jack Snack 005 Poddy Mullet 003 Tiger Lilly 008 Pearl with Red Belly 010 Fingermark 006 Pearl Pink Scale 004 Red Black Gold Scale
MaterialTimber with Lexan bib
Weight10g approximately
Depth3m+ approx depending on line class

The Sprat is a versatile lure with a bait fish profile that has proven to be popular as both a trolling and casting lure.

Retrieve slowly with a tight wiggling action or twitching to create that reaction strike.

The Sprat comes pre rigged with super strong rings and quality Owner hooks.

There is a variety of colours to suit any kind of fishing technique and "Custom Colours" can be arranged.

Designed for Saltwater and Freshwater Species.