Sardinops Group
001 Jack Snack 002 Locus 003 Tiger Lilly 004 Red Black Gold Scale 005 Poddy Mullet 007 Pink Black Stripe 008 Pearl with Red Belly 010 Fingermark 011 Barra Blue 012 Nats Purple 015 Qantas
MaterialTimber with Lexan bib
Weight20g approximately
Depth4m+ approx depending on line class

The Sardinops is not only ideal impoundment barramundi bait, but will be completely at home in the billabongs and river systems targeting all ambushing predatory species.

The Sardinops is a great casting lure perfect for twitching around shallow weed beds, waterlilies, heavy snaggy cover where it can be thrown into the smallest of gaps enticing Barra with a slow pulsating action drawing them out before they strike.

Trolling the Sardinops as close as you can to your intended target structure, with sharp irregular snatches of the rod tip, the slim line body shape gives maximum hook exposure to turn more strikes in to hook ups.

Barra are not known for their “clean” fighting repertoire running for cover, jumping and slogging it out in open water along with violent head shakes can easily dislodge poorly set hooks, to maximise hook up rates the Sardinops comes pre rigged with super strong rings and quality Owner ST66 hooks.

There is a variety of colours to suit any kind of fishing technique and "Custom Colours" can be arranged.

Designed for Saltwater and Freshwater Species.