Ripple Paddler
Ripple Group
037 Pearly White 039 Newell Red 028 Purple Silver Stripe Black Back 034 Yellow Spotty Dog 023 Black Diamond 038 Locus 036 Newell Green
MaterialTimber with Aluminium bib
Weight14g approximately
DepthSurface Walker

The Ripple Paddlers wobble and double sided bib creates a loud plopping paddling noise... that entices both Bass and Cod, retrive continuously or by hesitation and brace yourself for the BOOF!!!!!

There is a thrill to be fishing this lure in the eveing and hear its paddling swimming action attract the wise night feeders or morning early birds.

The Ripple Paddler can be fished in many ways, while effective with a steady retrieve it is most effective with a "Stop and go" method, by retrieving the lure one or two feet, stoping until all ripples have disappeared and repeating the process.

The Ripple Paddler comes pre rigged with super strong rings and quality VMC hooks.

There is a variety of colours to suit any kind of fishing technique and "Custom Colours" can be arranged.

Designed for Freshwater Natives.