Ripple Group
020 Perch 021 Crazy Cray Yellow Orange 022 Orange Fire Tiger 023 Black Diamond 024 Hammer Head 025 Pink with Purple Stripe 026 Red with Black Stripe 027 Fluro Yellow with Fluro Green Stripe 028 Purple Silver Stripe Black Back 030 Green Fire Tiger 031 Gold with Bronze Stripe 032 Nats Purple 033 Yellow with Black Stripe
MaterialTimber with Lexan bib
Weight11g approximately
Depth4m+ approx depending on line class

The Ripple is a great all round lure working at all speeds, from a slow rolling deep diving action for Golden Perch close to submerged structure to a faster jerking action for aggressive feeding Bass.

The Ripple is a traditional compact lure that can be casted or trolled past anything that has fins.

The Ripple comes pre rigged with super strong rings and quality VMC hooks.

There is a variety of colours to suit any kind of fishing technique and "Custom Colours" can be arranged.

Designed for Freshwater and Saltwater Species.