Gidgee Lures is an Australian owned and operated business run by Tom & Natalie Barratt in Brisbane Queensland.

Tom is the man behind Gidgee Lures, growing up in Tenterfield in Northern New South Wales.  Tom created his first lure somewhere around 1989 which he still has today, designed to catch Murray Cod and Golden Perch.

Tom originally started to make his lures for his own personal use carving them from red cedar window frames, sanding them by hand, cutting aluminium bibs with tin snips and applying paint with a spray can.  These days Tom has fine tuned the manufacturing process of his lures and upgraded his paint, bibs and tackle along the way.

"Gidgee" the brand name reflects Tom's early years back when he was an apprentice butcher and was called "Gidgee" by his work mates, so when a name was needed it popped up again and has stuck ever since.

Tom reckons there is no better way to spend an early morning, day or evening walking the banks lure casting and having a fish take somthing you have made.  The thrill for Tom is surface fishing with anyone of his Paddler Lures they have a great action and will produce those exciting, heart stopping strikes Tom loves the loud BOOF!!!

Gidgee Lures have proven to be sucessful as we won't and will not compromise on quality, each and every lure is hand finished and has been individually tuned and tested for optimum performance and are ready for immediate use.

The body of our lures are crafted from red cedar, white beech or jelutong as each lure is individually crafted some variation may occur in the shape of the body, all lures are individually painted by hand, as a result some variation may occur in the application of the paint, this is a natural by-product of the process and gives each lure unique characteristics.

We are more than happy to answer emails, messages or have a chat the old fashion way on the phone with anyone interested in our range of Lures.

We hope you enjoy or website! We take great pride in delivering our outstanding line up of Aussie made robust lures.