Gidgee Lures is an Australian owned and operated business in Brisbane Queensland.

Gidgee lures was founded in 2007 by Tom Barratt who began making  lures for his own personal use, carving them from Red Cedar window frames, sanding them by hand, cutting aluminium bibs with tin snips and applying paint with a spray can.  Over many years Tom perfected the art of lure making and continued improving the lures with upgraded paint, bibs and tackle.  

"Gidgee" the brand name reflects Tom's early years back when he was an apprentice butcher and was called "Gidgee" by his work mates, so when it was time to give a name to his passion project the nickname resurfaced.

In 2020 Jarryd took ownership of the business, after working with Tom for numerous years learning the craft. Jarryd loves all things fishing from blue water trolling for pelagics through to chasing Australian natives in skinny water. Jarryd and his brother Matthew always fight over getting their favourite Gidgee lure on their line before the other. One of their favourite things to do is to spend hours out on the water together throwing Gidgee Lures around competing with each other to catch the biggest fish.

Gidgee Lures have proven themselves to be successful time and time again. We take pride in our craft and do not compromise on quality. Each and every lure is handmade and finished and have been individually fine-tuned and tested for optimum performance and are ready for immediate use.

The body of our lures are crafted from White Beech or Jelutong. As each lure is individually crafted some variation may occur in the size and shape of the body. All lures are individually painted by hand, and as a result some variation may occur in the application of the paint. This is a natural by-product of the process and gives each lure it’s unique characteristics.

We are more than happy to answer emails, messages or have a chat the old fashion way on the phone with anyone interested in our range of Lures.

We hope you enjoy or website! We take great pride in delivering our outstanding line up of Aussie made robust lures.